• Alyve Organics - Rewards Card Program

*  New Customers will receive a Rewards Card with their First Order

*  Existing Customers will receive a Rewards Card by Post

*  The Rewards Card entitles the Holder to the Following:

To keep track of where you are at with your discount, simply write the date of your order in the blank boxes on the card. Once you have reached your 5th Order, simply put a note in the comments section of your online order, that this is your 5th Order, and which offer you would like to claim.

If you choose the 10% off your entire 5th Order, then we will refund the amount to you.

If you choose a product to the value of $20.00, please state your preferred product, and we will include it with your order.

The Alyve Organics - Rewards Card, is the only program that is applied in addition to our other programs/discounts. This means that even if you use a discount code at the checkout for one of our other programs/discounts (e.g. Facebook Discount), you are still entitled to claim the additional discount, or free product at the time you qualify. Additionally, once you have filled your card, we will send you a new card with your 5th Order, so you can start the process again.

  • Facebook Likers Discount -

*  Facebook Likers are entitled to an additional 5% discount off their entire order.

*  This means that users of this discount will save a minimum of 15% off the RRP of products purchased through the Alyve Nutrition and Organics Online Store.

  •  Natural Medicine Practitioners (NMP) Discount -

*  The NMP Discount entitles the recipient to an additional 10% off their entire order.  

*  This means that Natural Medicine Practitioners will receive a minimum 20% off the RRP of all products purchased through the Alyve Nutrition and Organics Online Store.

  • Natural Medicine Students (NMS) Discountt

* The NMS Discount entitles the recipient to an additional 7.5% off their entire order.

*  This means that Natural Medicine Students will receive a minimum 17.5% off the RRP of all products purchased through the Alyve Nutrition and Organics Online Store.

  • VIP Customer Discount -

*  The VIP Customer Discount Code will automatically be emailed to qualifying customers.

*  To qualify for the ongoing VIP Customer Discount of 7.5% (thus saving an overall 17.5% off the RRP price of all our products), a customer must have placed 10 previous orders with us.

  • Information on How to Obtain Your Discount Code

With the exception of the Alyve Organics - Rewards Card Program, and the VIP Customer Discount, all above Programs provide a discount for products purchased via the online store. To take advantage of the appropriate discount, users enter the code at the checkout, at which time, the discount will be applied.

To obtain the discount code appropriate for your situation, please email us directly at:



Aside from the above Rewards Programs, you may also take advantage of SUPER PRODUCT SPECIALS.  These Specials have a minimum discount of 20% Below the RRP, even before one of the above Rewards Programs are applied.  This means that if you take advantage of a SUPER SPECIAL, and (for example) you apply the Facebook Likers Discount Code, you'll be SAVING A WHOPPING 25% MINIMUM Off the RRP.  Some SUPER SPECIALS are up to 60% Below the RRP.

  • Acure
  • Amazonia
  • Biologika
  • Cellfood
  • Cheeki
  • Claytime
  • Desert Essence
  • Eco Cotton
  • Eco Teas
  • Enviro Products
  • Gold Mine

 You may access the PRODUCT SUPER SPECIALS via the Online Store by Clicking the following Link: PRODUCT SPECIALS

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